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The “Negatives” ARE Positive.

How can that be?  Well, because inherently everything is created for your growth, healing and highest good.  What makes the difference between something being “negative” and something being “positive”? It is simply our perception of the experience that makes the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: New Read Up On the Reading List

“Letting Go: The Pathway Of Surrender” by Dr. David R. Hawkins.  Please enjoy a quick review and recommendation for this book– one of my all-time favorites.  Truly Transformational.  https://birthpurpose.wordpress.com/reading-list/

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Why You Don’t Need To Wait Until It’s “Safe” To Talk About Your Pregnancy

Many women are told not to share their pregnancy news with others until they are “in the clear”– far enough along in pregnancy to be “safe” from the risk of miscarriage (typically after the first trimester, or the first 10-12 weeks … Continue reading

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