What is the purpose of each birth? At the very core, it is to become a parent– or to give another the opportunity to become a parent.  Parenting is a huge task and a great opportunity for evolution, so why is it that so often we enter into it so unconsciously?  Birth Purpose looks at how we can be more purposeful and intentional in our creation and raising of new life.  It is time to question our unconscious desires to control and have power over our children.  It is time to be more honest with ourselves about our motivations behind the way we deal with our children, or the reason we wish to have children.  It is time to take more time discovering our highest selves through our journeys to and through parenting, so that we can create the space and support system necessary for our children to discover and embody their highest selves.  Join me on a revolutionary, deeply awakening path to transforming the family dynamic from “surviving” to THRIVING.  Let’s discover together and awaken to the TRUE Purpose of Birth.

This journey begins before a baby is born.  I offer pregnancy and birth support, as well as coaching and guidance for families.  Birth Purpose looks into the power of parenting consciously beginning before conception even takes place. The purpose of each birth is to bring forth new life– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As we grow families, we grow ourselves.

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