If you haven’t hopped on the “find what feels good” yoga wagon with Adriene, yet, now is the perfect time!  At the beginning of each year she releases a month-long yoga practice, which spills into the many other FREE Youtube videos she releases regularly throughout the entire year.  This January (2018!), the practice is quite “YUMMY”.  Adriene starts the first day with the title MOTIVE– and does a fabulous job of guiding you through finding your very personal, heart-centered, inner-to-outer motivation and intention for your yoga/exercise practice– the “why” to your choice to show up.  (My motive was because “I want to live the life I dream of NOW, I want to Love myself NOW.)  She helps you to remember the heart of why you showed up on the mat, and the practice flows with ease, while bringing a little “heat” (strength, prana, energy) through the body.  This series is a wonderful way to start and KEEP a wonderful habit!

Adriene is warm, funny, humble and best of all she is a wonderful teacher and guide for your very juicy, very yummy, very healthy yoga journey.  Whether this is your first yoga video, or you’re a seasoned yogi, Adriene creates all of her content from the ground, up.  This series (and all of them) really “eases you into” the healing art of yoga, with an emphasis on “finding what feels good for YOU (which changes every time you practice).  She offers a variety of other videos; from the fundamentals of each pose, to meditation, to fast-paced weight-loss yoga flows.  It is truly your one stop yoga shop.  Adriene’s intention is always clear: to offer a loving, practical, supportive community for harnessing, and maintaining a happy yoga practice.  AND ALL OF HER CONTENT IS TRULY CHILD FRIENDLY.  The WHOLE FAMILY can practice yoga together– what a great way to spend time with one another.  I truly cannot recommend her enough.

Check out her YouTube channel, and visit her website that includes a super affordable membership with exclusive classes and treats!  And don’t forget to sign up for her emails which include awesome newsletters and love-filled messages with each new video.



(These are personal opinions and reviews, I was not compensated for this article.)

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The Self-Regulation Skills That Boost Academic Success

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What Would a Year Without Homework Look Like?

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Why I’m Not Teaching My Four-Year-Old to Read

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Could Eye Contact With Your Baby Increase Communication Later On?

You know those endless hours of staring at your baby during those first few months? Well, those moments are more than just a parent in awe of the new life they created. According to a new study from the University of Cambridge published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, gazing into our infant’s…

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Helping Kids Discover Journaling — Confessions of Parenting

I love this time a year… A time of new beginnings and fresh starts, of course we don’t always have to wait for the New Year to do this, but it seems for the most of us we always do… For me, it usually is an excuse to still continue to eat chocolate! One of…

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Postpartum Yoga for Diastasis Recti

Enjoy this beautiful yoga video from a yoga therapist and doula, Caitlyn Allison!  She even shows you how to be sure if you are experiencing this common postpartum concern.  Please visit her youtube channel and website for more awesome stuff!!!

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